Funeral Options
livestream funeral service

funeral livestream & videography

If friends or family can’t be at the funeral, they can still be part of it by viewing it live, online. You can invite any number of people, wherever they are in the world, to watch the funeral service via the internet with a webcast from our North Harbour Chapel.

The webcast is accessed via a link that can be emailed directly to those desiring to watch the funeral, or if they have the codes, it can be viewed through our website.

With different camera views available the watcher can select and change the view from which the service is seen. Services can be viewed from any internet connected device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The service will be available to view online for up to 3 months after the funeral, but this time may be extended for a further year if required.

Webcasting can be arranged at any time prior to the service starting. Just let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

In addition to being able to webcast services at our North Harbour Chapel options exist for off-site venues also. Please discuss with us what might be possible if your service is to be held at another venue.

Recording the Service

In addition to webcasting, if you’d like a memento of the funeral we can also make an audio or video recording of the service.