About us

We’re very much a family business. Wilfred Dil founded the company in 1960 and we’re now into the 3rd generation of family ownership.

Our family values are at the heart of everything we do. So you can be assured of our absolute honesty and integrity and of being treated with the utmost respect at all times.

Our carefully selected, experienced staff are very much part of our family and from them you can expect a very warm and personal level of service. They will do everything they can to ensure your wishes are carried out to the full. Nothing is too much trouble.

Our Promise to you

  • 1 We’ll listen to you and find out exactly what you want.
  • 2 The funeral service we create together will be individually tailored and personal to you.
  • 3 Traditions and special requirements important to your family will be followed.
  • 4 Help and guidance will always be available to you from our knowledgeable, experienced and sensitive staff.
  • 5 You’ll have access to world class facilities including our award winning North Harbour Chapel.

Our Credentials

Dil’s Funeral Services is a member of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ). We are part of the Funeral Link Network of independent and locally owned funeral businesses across New Zealand. We’re also a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, an international organisation which recognises excellence in funeral service.

Our People

As our company philosophy is ‘Nothing is too much trouble’ you can imagine what sort of people work for us. They’re great listeners for a start; getting to the heart of what you want is the key to a beautiful funeral. They’ll make suggestions, give advice but always try and see things from your viewpoint. They’re creative thinkers who get huge satisfaction from delivering exactly what a family has in mind for a funeral. Most importantly, they’re genuine people who want to help others who are going through a difficult time.

Meet the team

Everyone on our team is experienced in working with bereaved families and someone will always be available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Stephen Dil
Managing Director

Stephen is the third generation to lead the family business. With a focus on the strategic direction of the firm, he is always looking for ways to better serve families.

Stephen holds the National Diploma in Funeral Services. He has a BBS (Management) from Massey University and an MBA from the Smeal College of Business, Penn State.

Stephen is a leader in Funeral Service. He is a Past President of the Funeral Director's Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) from 2016-18, and a former trustee of the Funeral Service Training Trust (FSTT). He is currently a Trustee of the FDANZ Funeral Trust.

Wade Downey
General Manager

Wade brings more than 25 years’ experience in the funeral profession to his role of General Manager. The strength of his background enables him to oversee the daily running of the company with outstanding knowledge and skill. In an environment that can be unpredictable at times, you can always count on him for consistency and clear thinking.

He is highly qualified with a Diploma in Funeral Services and is a former President of the New Zealand Embalmers Association (NZEA).

Kathy Fransham
Funerals Coordinator

Kathy has an acute eye for detail and accomplishes her role as Funerals Coordinator with outstanding competency. She can be relied upon for thoroughness at all times and is invaluable when funeral arrangements are particularly complicated.

Kathy holds the National Diploma in Funeral Directing and has served on the Auckland District FDANZ Local Committee as Secretary/Treasurer and as Chair.

Mercia Potgieter

Mercia has more than just a mind for the numbers she also has a kind heart and is considerate of others, making her ideally suited for her role. The financial side of the funeral can be difficult to deal with, but be assured Mercia is here to help.

She holds a Bcom (Hons) in Finance.

David Edlington
Funeral Director

The services that David provides are marked by consistency and thoroughness in every aspect. He closely follows our philosophy that ‘nothing is too much trouble’ to ensure every detail requested by a family is followed through, and that the quality of service expected from our company is always met.

David has the National Diploma in Funeral Directing.

Carl Dooley
Funeral Director

Carl is an advocate and believer in the Dil’s philosophy of being flexible in order to deliver exactly the funeral a family wants; whether it’s traditional or secular, or whether you wish to celebrate the life history and achievements of your loved one in public or private.

Carl feels it is a privilege to be of service to those who may need our assistance at such a significant and sometimes difficult time.

He holds the National Diploma in Funeral Directing.

Lynn Wilding
Funeral Director

Lynn has always put others before herself. Prior to joining the Dil’s team she worked in a primary school with special needs children. She also spent time as a Victim Support volunteer. She is ideally suited to supporting families through difficult times and shows great empathy for the families she looks after.

Chelsea Brown
Funeral Director

Chelsea brings energy and passion to her role as a funeral director. Always eager to please others she places the families she serves at the centre of everything she does. Naturally inquisitive, Chelsea brings fresh thinking to problem solving and this shows through in many facets of her work.

Karen Bills
Funeral Director

Karen believes we all have a story, and finds it a privilege to work with families and be guided by them during their time of need. She loves meeting the challenge of putting together a memorable funeral and finds it very rewarding serving the community. Karen originally started in funeral service in 2010 and has a Diploma in Embalming.

Tim Brown
Embalmer/Funeral Assistant

Tim takes great care in what he does for families and believes there is great value in allowing people to spend all the time they need with their loved one. The fact that his expertise plays a large part in that gives him immense pride.

Tim holds a National Diploma in Embalming and has a strong desire to continue learning and to further his abilities so as to provide the best he can for the families that need it.

Sue McLaren
Embalmer/Funeral Assistant

Sue is a natural in her role as an embalmer. She has a background in biological sciences, is inherently kind and always inclined to think of others before herself. Her desire to help families is evident in every aspect of her work.

She holds the New Zealand Diploma in Embalming.

Mary Shilling
Embalmer/Funeral Assistant

Always willing to further herself and learn new skills and techniques, Mary prides herself on being able to carefully present loved ones for their families. Viewing and spending time are critical parts of any funeral experience and you can have confidence that Mary will always give you her very best.

May Langley
Memorials Co-Ordinator

May is a people person who enjoys helping families to create a lasting memorial. Turning special memories into a cherished memorial is a very personal experience and requires care and attention. With her eye for detail, you are always in good hands working with May.

After years in the Commercial Architectural and Interiors industry May holds Diplomas in Architectural Drafting and Illumination Design.

Paul Fransham
Bereavement Support

Paul has many years of experience as a counsellor. His background is in teaching, counselling and ministry, and he has taught courses on understanding grief for many years. The gentle support and quiet care Paul provides families in his bereavement support role has been a great comfort to many.

Eloise Barnes

Always looking to go the extra mile, Eloise is a real people-person who lights up when connecting with others. You can be assured of a warm welcome with a genuine interest in your needs.

Sarah Holyoake

Calm and thoughtful, Sarah is a great listener and puts people at ease through her gentle demeanour. You can have great confidence in her ability to get things done and ensure all of the important details are well covered.

Eden Standing

A friendly face, Eden is full of energy and purpose and is always looking to be involved with what is going on around her. Often the first point of contact with Dil’s you can have confidence she will quickly understand your needs and get you the assistance you require.

Hayley Atkins
Graphic Designer

Hayley is an award winning artist. Innovative and edgy, she is always willing to push the boundaries of her creativity. A natural giver, Hayley puts herself into every piece of work she creates and this ensures you will receive nothing but her best.

She holds a degree in Graphic Design. She is also a winner of the FDANZ President’s Multi Media Award.

Heather Garrity
Graphic Designer

Heather is a meticulous worker and always seems to be in control despite the tight timeframes funerals place on her creativity. With an eye for detail and design, her work is always personal, beautiful and high quality.

She holds a degree in Graphic Design and also studied Fine Arts at the 5th Dimension College of Visual Arts in South Africa.

Heidi Dil
Director/Catering Manager

As well as overseeing the Reception Lounge, Heidi is a Director of the company. Her role is much larger than just making sure we serve great food. She also plays an important part in many of the creative decisions that go on at Dil’s as she has a wonderful eye for detail and design.

Heidi has a BA in Education and Psychology from Massey University, and is currently completing an Interior Design Qualification.

Mariko Hoare
Catering Assistant

With an eye for detail, Mariko brings high standards in taste and presentation to the food delivery at Dil’s. A keen sense of humour also brings with her a sense of fun and helps to make our Reception Lounge a warm, personal and relaxed environment.

Our Facilities

Where you have a funeral is completely up to you. The place you choose can be tremendously important to the memories you will take away – and those of everyone attending.

North Harbour Chapel

Gentle, cascading water provides a contemplative backdrop to the main chapel. The chapel seats 140 but the walls move to accommodate up to 200 people seated and more standing if necessary. We also have an intimate chapel with seating for 20. The chapel has everything that is required to accommodate the modern funeral including sound system, audio visual equipment and web streaming.

Our reception lounge located adjacent to the chapel is the ideal place to meet with family and friends after the service to share refreshments and memories in a more relaxed environment.

There are also three private viewing areas, two garden courtyards for your enjoyment, and arrangement and administrative offices. Our building also includes state of the art mortuary and preparation facilities.

This office is attended from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am - 1:00pm Saturday. For attention outside these hours please phone us on +64 9 415 8720.

North Harbour Chapel

+64 9 415 8720
185 Schnapper Rock Road
Albany, Auckland,
New Zealand

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Birkenhead Chapel

This boutique chapel is small and intimate, a personal and homely venue for funerals that require seating for 40 or less. It includes a private viewing room and arrangement office.

This location is a popular choice for many Birkenhead residents who feel a strong connection with the area – and to the services provided by our family-run company. It can also be a very convenient viewing location even if the funeral is being held elsewhere.

Located near some great cafes and restaurants, it is a comfortable option for those wanting to have a quiet family service followed with a nice meal.

In addition to being available for funerals, the Grief Centre operates from our building. Offering counselling and other grief related support to those in need.

For attention, please phone us on +64 9 415 8720.

Birkenhead Chapel

+64 9 415 8720
92 Hinemoa Street
Birkenhead, Auckland,
New Zealand

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Other venues

Wherever you want the funeral to take place, we’re more than happy to arrange it – for instance, at your local church, a crematorium chapel, rest home, hospital chapel, family home, park, beach, community hall, RSA, town hall or stadium.

Schnapper Rock Cremations

Schnapper Rock Cremations is our own private crematorium located at our North Harbour Chapel. Operating our own crematorium allows us to extend the care we offer families. This means that you don’t have to involve a third party in the cremation process which provides additional confidence knowing that we’re looking after this for you too. Our cremator has an adjacent viewing room which also allows greater flexibility for families that might want to witness the casket being placed in the cremator or have other cultural requirements.

Our Story

Dil’s Funeral Services was founded in 1960 by Wilfred (Wilf) T. and Gloria Dil in Birkenhead on Auckland’s North Shore.

The company started originally as Wilfred T. Dil Funeral Director and operated out of the family home at 82 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead. Wilf and his wife Gloria converted one end of the house into a small chapel and viewing area, and lived in the rest of the house with their four children Christine, Lindsay, Leonie and Pauline. Lindsay and his sisters all recall, from those early years, having to be quiet children when funerals were on.

The company operated out of the premises until the early 1970s when Dil’s moved along the road to where our Birkenhead Chapel is still located at 92 Hinemoa Street.

This property, which has been a funeral home since it was built in the 1950s, was where Wilf worked for local funeral director, Vern Cox who, when he retired, offered to sell the business to Wilf. However, at the time Wilf was not in a position to buy the business and the firm sold to someone else who did not require his services.

While working at his next job in the local hardware store, it didn’t take long for Wilf to realise that he had developed a real passion for funeral directing - it was, in fact, what he wanted to do with his life.

Wilf’s own business

The family business began in 1960. In that first year, Wilf conducted only 13 funerals, continuing to work at the hardware store to supplement the family income. In those days, when a call came in, he would leave the store and ride his push-bike to collect his old hearse, which he parked at a friend’s house in Takapuna.

Wilf was known as a true people’s person with a genuine interest in everyone he met. He conducted funerals in a way that reflected this interest in people and their families.

In time the company grew, with Wilf and Gloria building the business on their love of people and a philosophy that nothing was too much trouble.

Wilf and Gloria’s son, Lindsay, joined the company in 1973 as he completed his law degree at Auckland University: he soon decided to follow in the family business and forgo a career in law.

A stunning facility

In 1994, under Lindsay’s leadership, Dil’s North Harbour Chapel and Reception Lounge, in Schnapper Rock Road, Albany, opened in response to the needs of the local community. This stunning facility in park-like grounds can accommodate funerals of all sizes and has become a real asset to the families of the North Shore and Greater Auckland.

Wilf and Lindsay had driven past the property many times on their way to the adjacent North Shore Cemetery and Crematorium and always knew it would be the perfect location for a funeral home.

This facility has exceeded everyone’s expectations and has had thousands of people though its doors to attend the many funerals conducted there.

Some thought Lindsay and Wilf were crazy when the idea was mooted to put a funeral home in the middle of a rural area but, looking back, the chapel is a monument to their vision and innovation.

A vision for the future of funerals

Vision and innovation have always been the hallmarks of our company. From the very beginning, Wilf embraced many ideas which have now become popular at modern funerals. He had the flexibility to evolve the business so that services organised by Dil’s would always be meaningful and representative of changing times – and he believed in finding out what people wanted and doing everything possible to provide them with their wishes.

Now in its third generation of family ownership, Dil’s Funeral Services is run by Wilf’s grandson Stephen, who took over from his father Lindsay in April 2005.

Under Stephen’s stewardship, Dil’s has continued to be the North Shore’s leading funeral home. It’s a thriving, modern company with a large dedicated staff yet it still maintains the same set of values put in place by Wilf Dil some 50 years ago.

This means that along with the very latest developments in funeral services, such as the webcasting of services, professionally designed service sheets and visual tributes, state-of-the-art embalming, and eco friendly caskets, you will still receive individual, personal service and always be treated with kindness, consideration and warmth.

Dil’s Funeral Services is a member of the Funeral Directors' Association of New Zealand (FDANZ). We are also members by invitation of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, an international organisation that recognises excellence in funeral services.