General Info

where to start

A funeral gives people an ideal opportunity to get together, to remember and celebrate. But what a funeral actually looks like will vary greatly from person to person. It could be a small and intimate farewell, or a large and highly personalised celebration. Whatever you have in mind we believe we’ve the expertise and experience to deliver it.

When planning a funeral there are no real rules to follow and only a few legal requirements, so the possibilities are endless.

We suggest a good place to start is by answering 5 simple questions which will provide the basic structure around which you can plan the rest of the funeral:

  1. Is the funeral going to be a burial or cremation?
  2. Where will the service be held?
  3. Do you have anyone in mind to lead the service?
  4. Do you have any special traditions that need to be followed or ideas about the style of funeral you would like to have?
  5. What are your thoughts around viewing the body?

It doesn’t matter if you can’t answer any of these questions. We can start with what you do know and move forward from there.