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bereavement support service

The lead up to a funeral can be a very busy time. Often it’s only when the service is over and family and friends have returned to normal life that the loss of a loved one is truly felt. This is why at Dil’s we offer a complimentary Bereavement Support Service.

Support is available in the form of after funeral care and is designed to help resolve any problems or challenges you face in returning to daily life after the funeral. It’s available to any members of the family who may benefit and is completely optional.

This service is delivered on our behalf by the Grief Centre. Following the funeral, the Bereavement Support Team will be in touch to see what assistance might be required. This is usually 4-8 weeks after the funeral, when our experience tells us contact will be appreciated; however, if you wish to talk to someone sooner please feel free to contact us.

The Grief Centre is a specialist provider of grief and loss services. They can assist in a variety of ways, such as providing an opportunity to talk to a caring support person about your experiences in a safe and relaxed environment, and provide reading material or other resources. If you need additional support they can provide support groups or professional counselling if required. Through our Bereavement Support Service you are entitled one free counselling session.