The Dil’s difference

We’re a family business. For three generations we’ve been doing things the Dil’s way, which means putting you and your family first. You simply tell us what type of funeral you want and we will do everything in our power to deliver it.

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Our home is your home

Where you have a funeral is completely over to you. You might want an intimate, private service at home, on the beach, at your church, at a place special to you, or you might want a huge celebration. You choose a place and we make it happen. Alternatively, you can also come to our place. Our North Harbour Chapel is light, airy and welcoming. There’s a side chapel for smaller groups; and it’s possible to webcast services for faraway friends.

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We listen

When there is a death in the family it’s an incredibly stressful time. Not only are you coping with your own grief but there are also many things that have to be done before a funeral can take place. At Dil’s, we’re experts in looking after the detail. We can organise the celebrant, flowers, newspaper notices, catering, service sheets, audio-visual presentation, webcasting and more.


We look after everyone

One of the things that people really appreciate about our North Harbour facility is that everything is in one place. Guests can simply move from the Chapel to the adjacent Reception Lounge without having to deal with Auckland’s traffic. Having our catering staff on hand also means that you and your family are free to catch up with friends rather than worrying about providing refreshments and cleaning up afterwards. If you’re hosting guests in your own home, or elsewhere, we can take care of the catering for that too.

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We make the process simple

We take you through the funeral process a step at a time. We explain things as we go and answer each and every one of your questions. Our philosophy is; ‘Nothing is too much trouble’, so tell us exactly what you want and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

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