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how a funeral helps

It may not seem like it at first, but planning and holding a funeral can be a very positive experience. Funerals help you make sense of what has happened and come to terms with the loss, especially when you’re surrounded by supportive friends and family.

Renowned Death Educator, Dr Alan Wolfelt describes the purposes of a funeral as:

  • Reality – Funerals help us acknowledge that someone has died
  • Farewell – Funerals allow us to say goodbye
  • Support – Funerals provide a support system for us, friends, family members and the community
  • Perspective – Funerals allow us to reflect on the meaning of life and death
  • Hope – Funerals offer continuity and hope for the living

When someone we love dies it’s difficult to put into words how we feel and express our feelings. A beautiful funeral provides you with the space, time and support needed to work through your grief and express it in a helpful, healthy way.

Planning a funeral can seem overwhelming as there is a lot to be done in a short space of time, and you’re already under considerable stress. Be assured, we are here to help you at every step of the way, and are available to talk at anytime.

We’ll work with you.

Every funeral is different. Some families are more than happy to leave all the arrangements to us, others only want us to be there in a supportive role. Whatever you want is absolutely fine with us.

When we first meet, we’ll outline everything that we can provide or organise for you. Then you can simply pick and choose. If you just want to use our chapel facilities and catering for a memorial service, want us look after the paperwork and provide a direct cremation, select a casket and have us prepare the body for a tangi, bring someone home who has died overseas, or send the deceased back to their home country, that’s no problem at all.

We’re here for you and nothing’s too much trouble.