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environmental options

Environmentally friendly choices are becoming increasingly popular. An Eco Funeral is simply thinking about the environment when planning a funeral. This is not just in the choice of casket but also in how the deceased is cared for through the preparation and embalming process, lessening the use of hearses and motor vehicles, and even extending to decisions about burial or cremation.

At Dil’s, you’ve a choice of a range of caskets that are sourced from sustainable materials and manufactured by environmentally friendly processes. You’ve choices when it comes to caring for the deceased, ranging from full embalming to no embalming. You might hold the entire funeral in one location such as our North Harbour Chapel, eliminating vehicle movements or the need for a hearse. You also have choices whether to be buried or cremated, and might even wish to consider “Natural Burial” options, such as those offered at Waikumete Cemetery. We’re more than happy to go over the different options  so you can make an informed decision with the environment in mind.